2018 Taipei, Taiwan

Equipment/Preparations for Presentations

Instruction for Oral Presentation:

  1. - 1. Equipment: Each meeting room will have one screen and data projector, microphone, blackboard and a computer with Microsoft PowerPoint and Acrobat Adobe Reader. No overhead projector and no personal laptop should be used.

  2. - 2. File Preparation: All presenters should prepare your presentations in PowerPoint or PDF and carry your file with a flash drive. We suggest that you use your last name as your file name (i.e. “lastname.pdf” or “lastname.ppt”).

  3. - 3. File Download: All presenting speakers are welcome to download their presentation to the computer in the assigned room between 7:30-7:50 AM and during the lunch and coffee/lunch breaks.

  4. - 4. Report to the Session: All presenting speakers should report to your session chair 5-10 minutes before your session starts.

Instruction for Poster Presentation

  1. - 1. The maximum size of poster could be 92 cm (width) and 122cm (height).

  2. - 2. The poster session is scheduled for Saturday, July 7, from 11:10-12:00 at the Sports Center.

  3. - 3. Presenters is responsible to set up their posters during the coffee break between 10:00 and 10:20, Saturday, July 7.

  4. - 4. The presenters should stay with their posters during entire sessions