Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What equipments are in each meeting room?

A: Each meeting room will have one screen, one data projector, and one laptop computer with Microsoft PowerPoint and Acrobat Adobe Reader. No personal laptop allowed. You should prepare your presentation in PowerPoint or PDF and carry your file with a flash drive. Please report to your session chair 10 minutes before your session starts so you can upload your file to the provided computer in the meeting room.


Q : What if I need an overhead projector?

A: If you need an overhead projector, you have to make special request by e-mail to Dr. Yaw Chang ( changy@uncw.edu ) before June 25 . Your e-mail should include your session number, time, and room number.


Q: Who shall I contact if I need a formal invitation letter to attend the conference?

A: Contact Dr. Wei Feng (fengw@uncw.edu).


Q: How can I pay the registration fee and other charges?

A: Please register at http://www.aimsconference.org/registerConference.html first; and then proceed to the make-payment section.


Q: How will the registration fees be used?

A: The conference registration fees are to be used exclusively for the conference. They help cover the costs related to the programs (printing, advertising, facility, equipments, etc), proceedings, daily refreshments, lunches, and other expenses.


Q: Shall I submit my abstract to the organizer of the special session at which I am invited to speak?

A: Everyone should submit his/her abstract online. Again, register at http://www.aimsconference.org/registerConference.html first; and then proceed to the submit-abstract section.


Q: Whom should I send my request on scheduling the time of my talk if I have a special circumstance?

A: For a special session talk, send your request to the organizer(s) of your session.
For a contributed session talk, send your request directly to Dr. Yaw Chang (changy@uncw.edu). Such requests must be received prior to March 31, 2012. Due to the size and complexity of the conference, there is no guarantee that your request can be honored.


Q: Whom should I contact if I require a formal confirmation of my registration and payment in order to apply for visa?

A : Contact Dr. Wei Feng (fengw@uncw.edu).


Q : Do I have to pay the registration fees if I am invited to give a talk in a special session or if I am a special session organizer?

A : Yes. All participants are required to pay the registration fees.

Q : Are there any financial supports available for travel and local expenses?

A : Yes. However, our NSF travel grant support is restricted to graduate students and recent graduates (5 years or less after their PhD) from US . For details, see http://www.aimsciences.org/conferences/2012/2012_support.html


Q: What should I do if I need a visa to enter US?

A: Those participants needing a visa to enter US, please see http://travel.state.gov/visa/ for instructions on how to apply for a visa. The rules have recently changed and it may take longer than usual to get a visa application processed. So, plan in advance accordingly.


Q: How do I make my hotel reservation?

A: Go to http://www.aimsciences.org/conferences/2012/2012_Accommodation.html.

Q: Do I have to pay a parking fee?

A: If you stay at the conference hotel, the parking is free. Others need to pay $3.00 per entry.


Q: Can I access internet at the conference site?

A: For hotel guests, the internet is free in the guestroom and the entire hotel area. We have set a Cyber Café and participants can use the computers and access internet there.


We will update this list of Q & A. Please contact Dr.Xin Lu at lux@uncw.edu if you have questions not listed here.